We're bringing together Ethereum enthusiasts and inquisitive students to learn more about and contribute to the Ethereum ecosystem side by side.

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD6,500 in prizes

1st Overall

$500 CAD in Ethereum

2nd Overall

$300 CAD in Ethereum

3rd Overall

$200 CAD in Ethereum

Totle Prize

Totle will be giving one Nano Ledger S to each member of the team that builds the best application that betters the financial lives of its users using Totle’s endpoints.

Aion Prize

AION will be giving $2500 CAD in AION to the team that builds the best web-based dApp using Java Smart Contracts on the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM)

BUNZ Prize

BUNZ will be providing 50 000 BTZ to whoever builds the best system or mechanism that utilizes blockchain to run a private sponsored survey where respondents get paid in cryptocurrency upon completing the survey.

Loopring Prize

Loopring will be giving $2100 CAD in LRC to the team that builds the best web app for traders to post, browse, and fill Loopring protocol peer-to-peer orders of security tokens (ST20).

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Eric Bujold

Eric Bujold
Technical Product Manager @ Totle

Derek Pierre

Derek Pierre
Business Development Lead @ NuCypher

Yao Sun

Yao Sun
Director Of Engineering @ AION

Julian Haldenby

Julian Haldenby
Software Developer @ Bunz

Bassem El Remesh

Bassem El Remesh
Operations Manager @ ChainSafe Systems

Matthew Finestone

Matthew Finestone
Director of Business Development @ Loopring

Judging Criteria

  • Do you need a Blockchain?
    How well does this project leverage a blockchain?
  • UI/UX
    How is the user experience of your application? Could someone with little to no experience in the blockchain space use it easily>
  • Viability
    How can this project be brought into production and worked upon after the hackathon?
  • Value
    How does this project add value to the blockchain space?

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